Best Prices On Lighting

power3Captain Cook Electrical are lighting experts with trucks Sydney wide ready to go with all the equipment needed to illuminate any space. There has never been a better time to install, upgrade or repair your business or home lighting.

Captain Cook can replace your old lights with energy efficient LED globes that will reduce your power consumption. These globes last 6 times longer than traditional lighting.

All Captain Cook technicians are NECA Accredited EcoSmart Electricians.

Whatever type of lighting you choose have a professional offer you guidance regarding purchase and installation, contact Captain Cook Electrical.

Ceiling Fans

power4Ceiling fans can save you energy in both summer and winter.

In summer, the operation of the fan provides air movement creating a pleasant cooling affect on your skin (up to 1 to 2 degrees).

This cooling can be “bought” for significantly less energy (dollars) than the equivalent affect provided by an air conditioner system, which needs to run continuously to cool the room.

The main benefit of fans is the energy is used to cool you. Unlike an air conditioner that needs to run continuously to reduce room temperature that creates the cooling affect.

Therefore, you only need to operate the fan when you are in the room.

In winter, ceiling fans enhance heating efficiency by pushing hot air down from the ceiling providing warmer air throughout the room.

Ceiling fans come with or without lights. If you are looking for a ceiling fan installation or service, then please call 1300 669 135 or complete our online request form.

Landscape Lighting on your Property

power5Landscape lighting, especially low voltage landscape lighting can turn your garden into a surreal magical place. Landscape lighting is among the easiest and most energy efficient ways to brighten and highlight your property.

Along with security and beauty, low voltage landscape lighting actually adds to the value of you property. You should contact Captain Cook Electrical to discuss safety and design of these projects.

Security Lighting

In general, homes and business that are well lit are less likely to fall prey to intruders. Well-lit places seem safer and increase the chance of a person being spotted while braking into or exiting the premise. When planning your outdoor lighting arrangement, there are some key aspects to keep in mind that will inevitably enhance the safety of your home or business:

  • Placing outdoor lighting in key areas, such as your front door, garage door and any side or patio doors.
  • The type of light positioned around your home. Spotlights can be used for properties that are wide in order to cover the entire lawn and driveway. Porch lights should be at least 60 Watts for adequate illumination.
  • Switching of lights is another way to ensure further security. Motion sensors are a great way to achieve this. You can also save money by not leaving the lights on all night. The great advantage of motion sensors is the startling effect of a bright light suddenly flashing on which can detour intruders that may approach home or business premise.

lighting1Outdoor lighting can give you peace of mind in addition to the aesthetic appeal it provides to your home. Begin by speaking with your local electrician at Captain Cook Electrical.