Technology has developed and takes an important role in our lives, from standard televisions to high definition screens, to higher-powered microwaves, fridges, air conditioning, and hot water systems. Today’s householder relies heavily on their appliances and as a consequence the operation of their switch board.

A switch board upgrade is just what it implies. It is an upgrade from the existing ceramic fuses or any older protection devices. The older protection devices such as the ceramic fuses are there only to protect the wiring, not yourself.

You see most consumers think that when something goes wrong in the electrical system “the fuse blows” and think immediately they have adequate protection from electrocution. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. Fuses blow for two reasons only.
The first reason is from a short circuit, which means a live wire has made contact to the earthing system. This blows the fuse.

The second reason is power overload. This is when you are using more power than what the circuit protection device can manage. The circuit protection device is designed to protect the wiring on that specific circuit.

Another problem we see today is consumers having blown a fuse for either of the above reason (short circuit or overload) replacing them with a larger fuse wire. THIS IS HIGHLY DANGEROUS. Remember the cable in the circuitry is rated at a specific load, inserting a higher rated fuse wire or plugin circuit breaker can result in serious fires, property damage, personal injury or even electrocution.