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When it comes to looking after your commercial property in Sydney, you don’t have time to quibble over quotes and fuss around with available dates. You just want a solid, reliable service with straightforward pricing.

Captain Cook Electrical is not an electrical service chain, we are a family-owned and operated business with over ten years of proven local experience here in NSW. That gives us more flexibility and top-quality personalised service that no chain can match. We make sure we pass on our values for reliable, friendly service to our commercial customers and maintain compliance with current NSW commercial electrical safety regulations.

We know your time is money so we work hard to keep our bookings and admin processes clean and simple and our work on time and efficient. We keep our vans fully stocked and ready to go so everything needed for your electrical work is on hand when we arrive at your commercial premises. Captain Cook provides a wide range of services including:

  • Safety Inspections
  • Power restoration (including emergency power outages)
  • Electrical upgrades 
  • Testing and tagging
  • Exit and emergency lighting checks, installations and upgrades
  • Electrical maintenance and repair
  • Data cabling
  • Installations
  • Switchboard safety checks and upgrades
  • Wiring maintenance, repairs and upgrades 

Commercial electrical services cover just about any work-related property such as small to large businesses, shops, hospitals, educational facilities and government departments across North Shore, Northern Beaches and Hills District. For advice and electrical solutions for your property, give us a call today.

Hills District Electricians with Stocked Vans
Full Stocked Vans

We keep our vans fully stocked so that we are able to complete the job on time.

Hills District Electricians always On time
On Time

We understand that you time is precious so we will make the most of it.

Hills District Electricians make No Mess
No Mess

A big stigma with the trade industry is mess. We clean up after ourselves as you shouldn’t have to.

Local Hills District Electricians
Small Business Big Hearts

We are a small family owned business that understands the value of each customer.

Upfront Prices for Hills District Electricians
Straight Forward

We don’t like scammers as much as you so we keep our prices as upfront as possible.

Courteous and Friendly Hills District Electricians
Friendly and Courteous

Not only are we happy in our job and enjoy what we do we also bring our manners too.

Local Hills District Electricians
Small Business Big Hearts

We are a small family owned business that understands the value of each customer.

Upfront Prices for Hills District Electricians
Straight Forward

We don’t like scammers as much as you so we keep our prices as upfront as possible.

Courteous and Friendly Hills District Electricians
Friendly and Courteous

Not only are we happy in our job and enjoy what we do we also bring our manners too.


Better Call The Captain

Reliable Electrical Services for your Northern Beaches Commercial Property

Keeping your North Shore, Northern Beaches and Hills District business safe is a big task and just one of the many things on your growing to-do list. Captain Cook Electrical takes the stress out with fast response times and upfront pricing to keep your business up to date with compliance regulations. 

There are a variety of reasons your commercial property might need the help of a licensed electrician:

  • Maintenance Programs
  • Government-regulated safety checks and installations
  • Electrical Breakdowns
  • Testing and Tagging
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Fault Finding
  • Lighting Repairs and upgrades including mandatory exit lighting
  • Power repairs and upgrades
  • Fire safety audits and certificates
  • Storm damage repair including damage from a lightning strike
  • Power flux and surges
  • Installations and technical upgrades

As your business grows and steps up to embrace new technologies, increased workloads and automation, you are asking more from your electrical set-up than it might have been originally designed to withstand. Overloading your switchboard or certain circuits within your business reduces the amount of electricity available to each of the plugged-in items and can result in fuses tripping, power surges, irregular power supply or even more serious problems like switchboard faults and power overloads. In worst-case scenarios, this can lead to toxic smoke and fire breaking out.

Because electricity faults are so dangerous the NSW government has regulations in place that target the most frequent causes of faults and electrical issues in commercial situations to reduce damage, cover employee wellbeing and safeguard your property and business.

Captain Cook Electrical can cover all your electrical needs and target the trouble source, even if it’s not immediately obvious what’s going wrong. We make sure you have the right electrical supply, safety installations and capable switchboard installed to handle your present or future electrical requirements.

How Commercial Electrical Services Work

Regular electrical safety checks including testing and tagging are essential for identifying faults and providing solutions to safety issues. Prevention through maintenance is the best method for keeping your workplace safe and gives you absolute peace of mind that everything is operating as it should.

Because electrical wiring is often hidden behind wall panels and screens you might not notice a fault straight away. Make sure you and your team are diligent about reporting burning smells, faulty switches, flickering lights and temperamental fuses so issues can get passed down the line and a callout can be logged with us. As well as our prompt scheduled service our technicians work around the clock to respond to emergencies and get solutions to your business no matter the time of day.

A Captain Cook electrician will arrive at your North Shore commercial property on time to provide unmatched customer service as well as answer any electrical questions or concerns you might have. Our prices are straightforward so you can get a clear and accurate assessment of costs before we get underway with your service.

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Electrician

When it comes to tripped fuses or new appliances to install, yes, you can do these tasks yourself, however, it might turn out to be a short-term solution or even a safety hazard. When you hire professional, licensed electricians from Captain Cook Electrical you get a permanent solution and a safe fix for your business that will help give your machinery, appliances and devices more life. What’s more, you also protect yourself and your staff from shocks or faults that can cause harm and long-term damage.

Working with a professional means you receive our written assessment that your work was completed to NSW standards so that you are covered if anything goes wrong, including honouring manufacturer warranties that come with your equipment.

You can save time, money and effort by undertaking reliable and qualified services for:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Compliance with NSW safety regulations and standards
  • Safety for you and your team to work uninterrupted
  • Upgrades to take your business to the next level and keep up with demand

We keep up-to-date through regular training to give you the best professional service, install premium products and ensure that we are able to deliver the latest technologies and procedures as well as work to stringent government compliance codes. 

What Commercial Electricity Solutions does Captain Cook Offer?

Captain Cook Electrical can cover all your bases for commercial electricity supply through the Hills District and surrounds. From our pre-scheduled safety checks through to our timely response to emergency callouts we have everything needed to make your business safe and efficient.

We know how to handle your commercial property requirements and what the current government safety regulations are so we can get to work on what you need without fuss or supervision.

We keep our vans stocked and ready to go seven days a week to make sure we have everything needed to meet your needs wherever we are when your call comes through.

Why Choose Captain Cook Electrical

As a locally owned and operated family business Captain Cook Electrical provides North Shore commercial properties with efficient and reliable same-day services. With no fuss, on-time with straight forward pricing, we can assess your workspace and provide a quote upfront to give you 100% satisfaction with our quality of workmanship and timely service. We strive to make our company a pleasure to deal with so you feel confident in working with us again and again.


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How We Work


Give us a call or fill in the online inquiry form to schedule a time that fits in with your schedule.


Before we arrive will give you a call to let you know that we’re 20 minutes away.


Will take the time to listen to your problem and electrical needs and will help come up with a solution to fit your unique situation.


After accessing what needs to be done will provide you with the cost upfront prior to any work commencing.


Will happily perform the work you decide to go ahead with. Leaving the work area clean and tidy once were finished.


We provide an invoice as soon as the work is complete and accept cash or credit card as payment. 

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