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Electrical work involving the connection, disconnection, as well as adjustments or repairs to the mains power supply to your property requires the services of a fully licensed level 2 electrician. Captain Cook Electrical’s experienced level 2 electricians offer a huge range of electrical services across the Ryde District area, from Marsfield to West Ryde, we’ve got you covered. Our electricians are ASP authorised to work within the Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy networks.

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Level 2 Electrical Services

All ‘contestable work’ must be carried out by a licenced level 2 electrician to strict safety guidelines in line with industry and network management requirements to ensure customer and operator safety as well as protecting the network integrity.

To ensure the electrical work carried out on your infrastructure is compliant and safe always enlist the services of a licenced, insured level 2 electrician.

Our level 2 electrical services include:

  • Mains electrical work and repairs near your home or business
  • Disconnection or reconnection from the mains network (Class 2A)
  • Installation, upgrades, connection or energising of an underground service line to connect your premises to the power network (Class 2B)
  • Installation, upgrades, connection, or energising of an overhead service line to connect your premises to the power network (Class 2C)
  • Installation or upgrades to network devices such as off-peak or controlled load devices
  • Installation or upgrades to new electrical meters (Class 2D)
  • New and replacement private power poles
  • Upgrading power systems from single phase to 3 phase
  • Temporary builders power supply requirements
  • Switchboard relocation or upgrade

If the service you are looking for is not listed here or you are unsure if you need a level 2 electrician or not give our team a call at 0481 134 679, we are sure to be able to help.


Private underground powerlines

Moving your powerlines from overhead power poles to underground offers many safety, maintenance, and aesthetic advantages including:

  • No risk of damage from high winds, storms, falling branches
  • Reduced maintenance costs (estimates show that underground powerlines are less than half the maintenance costs of overhead lines) – no poles cracking, broken fittings, damaged crossarms, termite issues, slack power line tension problems, etc.
  • Minimal tree trimming required – although consideration needs to be given to what the types of vegetation planted along the underground powerline to avoid issues with large tree roots.

Speak to our experienced level 2 electricians about moving your private powerline underground today.

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Captain Cook Electrical’s emergency electrician is on call 24/7 ready to respond promptly to your urgent electrical problems any time of the day or night.

Got an electrical emergency? Call our team now on 0481 134 679.

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The team at Captain Cook Electrical have all your home or business mains electricity services covered across the Ryde District. Contact our level 2 electricians on 0481 134 679 or complete our quick online electrician booking request today.


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