Smoke Alarms Sydney

Smoke Alarms Sydney

Smoke alarm installation, testing, and servicing

Captain Cook Electrical can take care of all your smoke alarm requirements throughout Sydney including installation, repairs, testing, and routine maintenance. Placing smoke detectors throughout your home provides peace of mind that everyone will be quickly alerted if a fire was to start, allowing time for everyone to leave the building safely.

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Why install a smoke alarm?

Smoke alarms save lives, this is an indisputable fact. They’ve saved the lives of people just like you who were sensible about fire around the home, didn’t leave naked flames unattended, turned off gas heaters when they went out, did all the right things, most of the time. Sometimes the fire was due to a small mistake, sometimes it was caused by a problem which was out of their control, but everytime the smoke alarm gave them chance to get out and preserve the lives of family and friends.

Smoke Alarms

What type of alarm do I need?

Fire and Rescue NSW highly recommends interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms be installed in all bedrooms and living spaces, including hallways and stairways, plus the garage to allow the earliest possible warning of fire for everyone in the home.

Photoelectric type alarms detect visible particles of combustion, they are ideal for sensing all types of fires but are particularly good at early detection of smouldering fires. An added advantage of this style, as opposed to ionisation alarms, is they are less prone to false alarms due to cooking.

Fitting a system of interconnected smoke alarms throughout your home means even if the fire starts in the kitchen those in bedrooms with the door shut and music playing will be alerted instantly. If one alarm detects smoke, all alarms sound.

Please note – hardwired smoke alarms must be installed and repaired by a licenced electrician.

Interconnected smoke alarms can be hardwired to your homes power supply, with a backup long life battery, removing the need to replace batteries every year and ensuring constant power. Alternatively, they can be 10-year non-removable lithium battery powered alarms.

More information on smoke alarm legislation can be found on the Fire and Rescue website here –

Smoke alarm testing

Routine testing of your smoke alarms is needed to ensure they are all working as effectively. Fire and Rescue recommend testing the smoke alarm by pressing the ‘test’ button once a month. Yearly professional testing of hardwired smoke alarms is advised by our electrical team.

Alarm services Sydney

Looking for installation, repairs, maintenance, or expert advice on where to install smoke alarms in your home? Our experienced electricians are on hand to help, contact Captain Cook Electrical on 0481 134 679 or complete our online booking request today.


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