House Rewiring

House Rewiring

Are you looking to have your home rewired?

Whether you are living in an older home that need upgrading or you are just wanting to upgrade your existing wiring to allow for added appliances or technology. Captain Cook Electrical and our team of expert electricians can help.

Need Home Rewiring?

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Older wiring in your home

A lot of older style homes are using outdated cables and wiring which can cause disruptions in power including shortages and overloads. Depending on the age of the home your wiring may also not be up to the current Australian Standard which can affect home insurance policies.

Having electrical rewiring can bring new life to your home allowing you to add more appliances and technology making your life easier and more tailored to you. Our qualified electricians work with you in getting your home completely rewired.

Home or business electrical wiring

For new and pre-existing structures we are able to upgrade the wiring that is already there as well as add additional wiring if needed or requested to allow for additional power points, socket outlets, technology or electrical systems.

Cost to rewire my home, how much should I expect to pay?

With all things it will depend on the size of the job itself. The size of your house, how much wiring is used and how many hours it takes to complete the job are all factors in the overall pricing of the job. Our electricians however will take all of this into consideration when giving you your personalised quote so that you know how much it will cost before we commence any work.

High quality electrical work

All of our electrical services are performed to a high standard. We ensure that all of our electricians clean up after themselves leaving your home the same if not better than it was prior to their arrival. For further information feel free to give us a call on 0481 134 679 or fill in our online booking form.


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