Electrical Fault Finding

Electrical Fault Finding

Do you have an electrical fault?

Our team of electrical professionals can diagnose any electrical fault and provide practical, cost-effective options to fix it so it never happens again. All of our vans are fully equipped with the latest in electrical diagnostic equipment to quickly establish the cause of the fault and track it directly to the problemed area.

Electrical Fault? No Worries

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Common signs of an electrical fault

When it comes to fault finding there could be numerous causes. Some of the most common signs of an electrical fault are:

  • Flickering Lights: light fixtures usually only draw a small amount of power in order to stay on. If your lights are flickering it could be due to higher energy consuming appliances or a loose wire somewhere in the circuit.
  • Odours: Sometimes old wiring or burning wires can give off an odd smell. If your switchboard has an odd smell you should call an electrician out immediately.
  • Sparking: If you see sparking from an outlet or appliance plugged into an outlet it is advised to turn the power off at the main and get an electrician out. If your switchboard is sparking, you should call an electrician out immediately.
  • Tripping Fuses: If your power keeps tripping this could be a sign that either there is a current that is touching earth or that there is too much power being consumed by that fuse.
  • Buzzing Sound: If you can hear a buzzing sound when you turn on a light or power outlet this could be the wiring behind the switch or an unsteady current.

The signs listed above are a guide only and are in no way to be taken as the only signs of an electrical fault.

How long does it take to diagnose the fault

There is no set time to be able to find a fault. Fault finding is done by a process of elimination, testing the current at the source then the outlet. Then testing in between until we narrow down exactly where the fault is along the line. Once the fault is found then you can find out the options you have in order to fix the issue.

Get an electrician not a handyman

It is always appealing to be able to save money. When it comes to electrical faults it is strongly advised that you get a licensed electrician, not a handyman. Electricity is not something that you can just play with. It requires a good deal of knowledge and understanding of it works and flows. Any electrical work carried out by a handyman will instantly void any home and contents insurance in the event of an electrical fire or surge.

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