Rinnai Electric Hot Water

Rinnai Electric Hot Water

Professional electrical service and repairs

Our experienced team of electricians can take care of all your Rinnai electric hot water system electrical repairs and service across Sydney’s north, east, and central suburbs. Extend the life of your hot water heater by carrying out repairs promptly and scheduling a routine service every two years.

Got Rinnai Hot Water Problems?

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Rinnai Hot Water

Rinnai electric storage hot water

The Rinnai Hotflow range of electric storage hot water heaters are a perfect option for any size home, from the small 25L model right up to the big family sized 400L unit.

Electric hot water problems

Our licenced electrical team can help with a huge selection of electrical issues that may occur in your hot water system including:

  • no hot water – problems with maintaining hot water, or getting any at all.
  • tripped circuit breaker or fuse
  • thermostat too high or too low – water too hot or too cold
  • corroded heating elements
  • electrical faults
  • replacing electrical components

Important safety note – the internet is full of DIY electric hot water repair advice, most of it from coutries other than Australia, which may tempt you to have a go at fixing the unit yourself. However, in Australia you must have all work carried out by a licenced electrician or plumber for the safety of your family and anyone working on your home.

Emergency hot water issues

Our emergency electrician is on hand for any urgent problems on the weekend or after hours. Phone 0481 134 679 for our on-call electrician 24/7.

Your local electrician

For all your Rinnai electric hot water system servicing and repairs contact our electrical team on 0481 134 679 or complete our booking request form today.


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