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Everyone who has had an electric hot water system has experienced the inconvenience of stepping into the shower to be faced with no hot water. Did you know, a large number of electric water heaters are being replaced when they could have been repaired. We are one of the only companies in Sydney that can actually repair your water heater on the spot, saving you time and money. We service all the leading brands including Rheem, Rinnai, and Dux.

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Cold water from a hot tap

Most people when they experience cold water from the hot tap automatically think that the system is broken and in need of replacement. Actually, this is a clear indication that there is an electrical problem within the tank itself. This is normally due to corrosion of the heating element. Having your heating element replaced will not only cost a lot less than replacing the entire system it's also a faster way to get hot water back again.

Why heating elements corrode

If your hot water system is not serviced and anodes replaced regularly elements within your tank will start to corrode. Anodes are placed within your tank to draw the corrosion process away from other parts of the tank such as the heating elements. Once the anode is fully corroded then the next part of your system to become corroded is usually your heating element.

Hot water cutting out

A lot of hot water heaters come with a less expensive copper sheathed heating element. This is usually so manufacturing companies can keep their production costs down and also cause the consumer to purchase new units sooner. Using copper sheathed elements that are usually high watt density actually speed up the corrosion process.

Scale-covered elements

Chemical reactions, in general, double their speed with every 20 degree rise in temperature. Scale build up on an element due to chemical reaction actually slows the heat transfer from the element and speeds up the damage to the element itself.

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