Rheem Electric Hot Water

Rheem Electric Hot Water

Electrical repairs and servicing

Keep your Rheem hot water system in top condition with repairs and servicing from Captain Cook Electrical. Our experienced team of electricians can help with all electrical faults and issues across the full Rheem hot water range. We cover all of northern Sydney including Northern Beaches, Ryde, CBD and Eastern Suburbs.

Got Rheem Hot Water Problems?

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Rheem Hot Water

The Rheem range

Most Rheem hot water systems have some electrical components, from the backup booster on solar models to a fully electric storage model. Our team can fix a range of electrical problems on:

  • electric storage hot water systems – Stellar, 491/492 Series, 191/192 Series, RheemPlus, and Compact
  • electric boosted solar hot water – Hiline, Loline
  • heat pump units with electric element back up – MPi Series, HDi Series
  • commercial electric systems – Heavy Duty Electric

Hot water repair services

Most of us don’t think about our home hot water heater until something goes wrong. Sadly, this often happens at the worst possible time, like at 7 pm when the whole family is lining up for a hot shower or Saturday morning when you’ve got 6 loads of washing to do.

When this happens our team are on hand to carry out electrical repairs, in the evening and on weekends. Our emergency electrician is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your urgent repair needs. Call 0481 134 679 anytime.

Our team can also take care of any other issues or services including:

  • element problems
  • thermostat issues
  • tripped or blown fuse
  • power supply troubles
  • circuit upgrades

Important safety note – the internet is full of DIY electric hot water repair advice, most of it from coutries other than Australia, which may tempt you to have a go at fixing the unit yourself. However, in Australia you must have all work carried out by a licenced electrician or plumber for the safety of your family and anyone working on your home.

Your local Rheem electrical specialists

Captain Cook Electrical have all your Rheem hot water electrical repairs and servicing covered contact our team on 0481 134 679 or complete our booking request form today.


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