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Electric Car Charger Installation

Electric cars are all the rage in Sydney now, and you may have decided to turn in your petrol or diesel vehicle and get a set of electric wheels. If so, you’ll want to make the most of your purchase and ensure that your vehicle is ready for use when you need it. 

To be as well prepared as possible, you need a home charger and a qualified electrician to install it. You will also need a dedicated charging circuit and will want to look at all your different options, including the potential to charge your new electric car from your rooftop solar array. Above all, you may have lots of questions and want to get the job completed quickly, efficiently, with no fuss, and with straightforward timing.

The team at Captain Cook is ready and waiting to take care of this for you. We will bring our legendary fast, friendly and courteous service to your home and take care of all the details. So, whether you live in the Northern Beaches or the North Shore of Sydney, call Captain Cook for your electric car charger installation.

Installing Chargers for Tesla, Hyundai and Nissan electric cars

Tesla, Hyundai and Nissan are three of the market leaders in the electric vehicle market. If you have decided to buy an EV model from their range, you will want to make sure that you can charge it overnight at your place. Captain Cook can install chargers for you based on the vehicle’s individual characteristics. Remember, EV charging is not universal. Each vehicle has different charging capabilities and requirements, but we will worry about the detail and install those chargers for you.


Installing a Dedicated Power Circuit

You’ll need to install a dedicated power circuit, especially if you want to get faster charging options. In this case, your charger will use a full load, and your charge points may also require individual RCD protection. We will install your dedicated electrical circuits safely so you can take full advantage of your new car.

Charging from a Solar Array

If you decided to buy your electric vehicle so that you could be environmentally friendly, you might want to charge it from the solar array on your roof. You will need a special home charging unit and PV inverter to convert your solar into electricity, and we will take care of all these details for you.

Why You Should Call the Captain for Your EV Charger Needs

If you need an electrician to install the home charging equipment for your EV, you’d Better Call The Captain. We can take care of your requirements in the Northern Beaches or North Shore of Sydney.

What’s Involved in the Tesla EV Charger Installation?

  • Always ensure that you use a recommended electrician, like Captain Cook, so everything is installed correctly the first time.
  • Make sure that the wall connector can reach the charging port, which is situated on the left rear tail light.
  • The wall connector is the most dynamic solution for the Model S, Model X or Model 3. It can be customised to most supplies and gives you faster charging speeds.

What’s Involved in the Hyundai EV Charger Installation?

  • Hyundai makes available their Delta In-Home Charger as an optional accessory wall unit. You can purchase this from any Hyundai Blue Drive dealership.
  • Using a high amperage power supply, this charger will take you about 9 hours and 35 minutes for a full charge.
  • Remember, you will need to get your charger installed by a certified electrical — the team at Captain Cook are standing by.

What’s Involved in the Nissan EV Charger Installation?

  • Nissan supplies each owner with a Mode-3 Type-2 EVSE cable for charging. It’s designed to give you improved visibility and user posture for better ergonomics.
  • Various charging options are available, but a second level charge from a Mode-3 connection should take about 7.5 hours from empty to full. This can be achieved through a dedicated garage wall box, and the electricians at Captain Cook will be delighted to install everything for you.

Trusting the Professionals at Captain Cook

You will always want the best when you look for electrical services in Sydney and a professional who will arrive on time, fully equipped and ready to go. Don’t entrust your EV Charger installation to anyone else but Captain Cook Electrical. We are always a pleasure to deal with. For your EV Charger, Better Call the Captain.

Charger Installation Tips

Remember, there are many options when it comes to EV charging, and you need to ensure that the charger you use is perfectly adequate for your everyday charging needs. Most people will choose hardwired chargers for their home location, and these will be permanently affixed to the wall. Whatever charging solution you choose, though, make sure you have a cable that is long enough. Always locate your charger strategically.

Types of Charger

You can also get ‘smart’ chargers that are equipped with apps and allow you to monitor charging in real time, pause and restart a session, set up reminders and so on.

Getting Used to Your New Way of Life

Get ready for many months of convenience with your home charger, but make sure that your coil the cable when it’s not in use and keep the connector itself away from any dirt, moisture or debris. Never leave it lying on the floor.

Why Outsource Your Work to Captain Cook?

We are proud of our reputation in the North Shore of Sydney and the Northern Beaches, where we are known for helping local families with all their electrical maintenance. We offer fast service, and our friendly and courteous electricians will arrive on time, with fully stocked vehicles, and they will leave no mess. We are always focused on you, and this is why we offer straightforward pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Remember, Better Call the Captain.


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