Electric Hot Water 

Electric Hot Water 

Is Electric Hot Water Suitable for you?

Hot water heaters are an appliance that is very valued but often overlooked until a major problem occurs. If you’re facing a hot water problem or are evaluating your options when it comes to hot water systems, it’s important to know all the facts before making a decision.

The popularity of the electric hot water heater has continued to rise in the past few years due to the price point and tank size which is an important factor for most Australians.

It is important to consider a few factors before making the switch to electric hot water, depending on your living situation and ideal requirements for hot water in your home.

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How does an electric hot water system work?

The two types of electric hot water systems available are storage and continuous flow (tank less) varieties.

In an electric storage hot water unit, cold water is pumped into the tank where it is heated through an element in the bottom of the tank, once the hot water rises to the top of the tank it is then siphoned off when hot water use is required.

In a continuous flow (instant) hot water system, the heating element is coiled around the pipes to heat the water inside on demand rather than needing to store the hot water for use.

Benefits of an electric hot water system

  • Low up front purchase costs.
  • Reliable way to store hot water.
  • Supply is only effected in a small way during a blackout.
  • Instantaneous hot water systems are very convenient for cooking and cleaning purposes.
  • Instant hot water systems are tank less which allow for under sink and small area storage, perfect for apartments.

Problems of an electric hot water system

  • Very high running cost as electricity prices are on the rise.
  • High greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Government is trying to phase out electric hot water systems and you may need to check regulations in your area.
  • Most expensive long term solution.

What are the main considerations when deciding on an electric hot water system?


  • Monetary constraints are usually the top priority for people when considering which hot water system will give them the most value for money in the long run.

Energy Source:

  • The energy source in your home will effect what system you choose, if you are connected to mains gas then a gas hot water system may be more viable for you.

Tank Capacity:

  • You need to consider the amount of people residing at your home when considering which hot water system will be most beneficial as this will effect the demand and storage options for the hot water.

Installation and running costs:

  • An electric hot water system is quite cheap to buy and install in comparison with other systems.
Who should I get to repair my electric hot water system?

Captain Cook Electrical are your local Sydney electricians that will get the job done right every time. The team of licensed electricians have been repairing electric hot water systems for many years and consider themselves specialists in this area. This means that you can relax knowing a trustworthy and qualified electrician will do the job to the top standard.

It is very important that you always use a qualified and licensed professional electrician to do work in your home are there are dangerous safety hazards associated with unlicensed electrical work.

Electric Hot Water System Specialists

If you have any questions about electric hot water systems, the team at Captain Cook Electrical will be more than happy to answer or provide you with advice. Give us a call at 1300 669 135 or fill in our contact us form to speak to one of our professional electricians.


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