Electrical Emergency – Smell or noise from a switchboard

Electrical Emergency – Smell or noise from a switchboard

Why is the fuse box making a noise?

Any switchboard adjustments, electrical repairs or checks need to be carried out by a licenced emergency electrician. Working on the switchboard can be very dangerous and pose a significant risk of electric shock or injury resulting in death. Electrical faults can also lead to fire if left unrepaired.

All switchboard faults need to be attended to promptly. Even if you’re not sure, call your electrician to check it out.

Call emergency services 000 if you notice flames or smouldering fire from a faulty fuse box, this is an electrical emergency.

Having Switchboard Problems?

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Causes of odd smells or noises from electrical systems

Switchboard smell could be due to overheating electrical components or wiring causing the insulation to melt or surrounding fittings to burn.

The smell could be similar to burning plastic, fish, or a chemical smell.

Switchboard noise is often made by arching, and can indicate wiring is loose, exposed, damaged, or not insulated correctly. Noises in the fuse box could also signal system overload which can be a serious fire risk and should be investigated immediately.

The sound could be a buzzing, crackling, or a low hum.

Any electrical component such as light switches, power points, and fan switches can show signs of wear or fault with noises or burning smells.

A hot to touch switchboard box or power point can be a clear warning sign something is seriously wrong. Other signs include getting a zap when plugging in electrical appliances or sparking sockets. Flickering lights can also be an indicator of a faulty switchboard or electrical circuits.

Power points can show signs of damage such as melting, discolouration, or smoking.

Vermin, especially geckos, can be a big problem in electrical systems. The little reptiles, animals, and insects are drawn to the warm dark spots near electrical components. Unfortunately, they can cause all sorts of issues including eating insulation, causing shorts, and in some cases fire.

Call our 24-hour emergency electrician immediately if you smell or hear anything out of the ordinary in any of the electrical systems in your home or business on 0481 134 679.

Electrical Cable Recall

Many homes throughout Sydney were fitted with the now-recalled Infinity and Olsent electrical cabling which poses a serious risk of fire or electrocution. The Infinity and Olsent branded electrical cables have poor quality insulation which can become brittle and break over time, causing the wires to be exposed.

The cabling was used in homes across Australia between 2010 to 2013, much of it was fitted in NSW. It is estimated that these cables have become a safety risk from 2016.

If your home had electrical work carried out or was renovated during this time contact our licensed electricians to check if your home is fitted with the recalled electrical cables.

More information on this recall can be found on the ACCC website – accc.gov.au

Emergency electrician Sydney

Our emergency electrician is on call for after-hours safety switchboard problems across Sydney’s North Shore, Northern Beaches, Hills District, Ryde, and the Eastern Suburbs. Call 0481 134 679 now.


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