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A lot of telecommunications companies will lead you to believe that only their technicians can install and maintain all of the data cabling in your home or office. Captain Cook Electrical are ACMA certified and can install and maintain all of your data cabling. Rid yourself of telecom call out fees and get a Captain Cook Electrical ACMA technician to help you with your data cabling.

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Wired and wireless networking

When looking into starting up a home or office network it is important to work out what system you are going to go for. Wired networking still has an edge over wireless as it is far more reliable, costs a lot less and offers faster connection speeds. Wireless systems, however, can vary dramatically, dependant on the layout of your home or office. The thickness of the walls and even the weather can affect the signal strength.

Cable management

Looking after cable management is a must in both home and office environments. The benefit of cable management is not only to look neat and tidy but also be able to easily identify which cable(s) go to which system as well as avoiding potential tripping hazards. If cable management is done correctly each cable should be labelled and grouped with other cables from the same system or system grouping. All of the cables should also be kept out of sight and presented neatly.

Data point installation

These days we are finding more homes are having a greater demand for phone and internet access with the rise in online businesses. Installing extra phone and data points throughout the home or office can eliminate the need for excessive cables and allow for everyone to connect simultaneously.

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