Electrical Appliance Installation

Electrical Appliance Installation Sydney

Cooktop, stove, ceiling fan, and oven installation

Captain Cook Electrical can take care of all your electrical appliance installation needs across Sydney. Our experienced electricians offer a full range of appliance installation services for your home or business.

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Our electrical services

Many electrical appliances require just plugging in and turning on but often larger appliances need a licenced electrician to fit the unit, set up the necessary circuit, or add a power point to safely install the item.

Appliances which may need professional installation include:

  • Electric oven – most ovens are connected to a separate electrical circuit. We recommend fitting a safety switch to the oven circuit to protect against electrical accidents.
  • Electric cooktop – most cooktops must be installed by an electrician as they are hardwired to the mains power of your home.
  • Electric stove – (freestanding oven and cooktop combination) the large power requirements needed for this appliance mean it needs to be hardwired.
  • Ceiling fans – often connected to the lighting circuit, ceiling fans must be installed by a licenced electrician.
  • Hardwired smoke alarms – interconnected, hardwired smoke alarm systems provide excellent fire protection for your family but also need to be fitted by an electrician
  • Pool pump and chlorinator – pool equipment, especially those connected to economy tariffs, is often hardwired to a single circuit.
  • Electric hot water systems – storage electric hot water systems are hardwired and require an electrician and a plumber to install.

Many larger plug-in home electrical appliances require more power than a standard socket. Our electricians can take care of upgrading the connection to provide the correct power to operate the appliance safely.

Power point installation

Our team can install a new power point or move an existing outlet for your new or upgraded appliance. We also recommend installing a safety switch if you don’t already have one fitted.

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For professional, reliable appliance installation services in your Sydney home or business contact our electrical team on 0481 134 679 or complete our booking request today.

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