Electrical Emergency – No power

Electrical Emergency – No power

What to do if your home has lost electricity?

Losing power to your home can be a major inconvenience. Restoring the electricity to your home is our emergency electricians top priority. We offer 24-hour response service for urgent electrical problems in Sydney, such as loss of electricity.

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Get your power back on

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What to do when the power goes out?

When the power goes out in your home there are several things to check prior to calling the electrician.

  • Is there power supply to neighbouring homes?
  • There could be a power outage to your area.
  • Contact the electricity distributor in your area to check for scheduled power outages. They will also give you information on current power outages due to faults, fallen power cables or power lines, trees, etc.
  • Ausgrid – ausgrid.com.au/Outages or call 13 13 88.
  • If the power outage is planned they will usually have an approximate restoration time which can help you to manage the situation.
  • If the homes around yours have lights on the power issue is possibly within your electrical system.
  • Call your electrician if at any time you are unsure of what to do.

Faulty appliances

Sometimes it is really clear what caused the power cut. If you just turned the kettle on or plugged in the electric frying pan and the power went out it’s safe to assume they are the cause.

Avoid touching any appliance which appears to be faulty. If you can safely pull the plug from the power point to disconnect the item do so. If not wait, for your electrician. This will stop the appliance from re-tripping the safety switch or circuit breaker once the power comes back on and reduces the risk of an electrical accident. It should also allow the safety switch to be reactivated, restoring power to the home.

Do not reuse the faulty appliance until it has been checked by a qualified appliance repair technician.

Occasionally it’s not so obvious if an appliance caused the power cut. Read our information on safety switch tripping for tips on what to do in this situation.

Power outage tips

  • Don’t open the fridge if possible to preserve the cool as much as possible. Fridges are well insulated and should keep your food cold for a few hours if left unopened.
  • Open the windows to allow cool air into your home and to avoid overheating in the warmer months.
  • In winter keep rooms closed to conserve the existing warmth in the house.
  • Unplug any sensitive electrical equipment such as computers, televisions, audio systems, etc.
  • Use generators with caution and only plug essential appliances directly into the generator. Never attach the generator to your home’s mains power, this can be very dangerous. Always run the generator outside and away from windows.
  • If in doubt call your electrician.
If your home experiences interruptions to the power supply often or if your safety switch trips regularly get it checked by a licenced electrician.


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