Electrical Safety Audits

Electrical Safety Audits

Complete home safety inspection services

Here at Captain Cook Electrical, we work closely with leading industry regulators to ensure your safety with all your electrical equipment. We believe it is very important that all electrical equipment must be regularly inspected and tested to reduce any sort of potential exposure that can harm you or your family.

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Electrical Safety Audits Scope

Standards for Electrical Safety in the Workplace and home are designed to reduce exposure to the major hazards of shock, arc flash, and arc blast while using, working on or near exposed electrical conductors, circuit parts and damaged wiring which can have the have the potential to become energised.

What is an Electrical Safety Audit?

Electrical Safety Audits must be conducted by experienced professionals like Captain Cook Electrical and are performed by enquiry, inspection, testing and verification. Qualified professionals can assist homeowners in reducing risk by ensuring compliance with our Standards for Electrical Safety.

Electrical Home Safety Inspection

Don’t wait until it’s too late, get a electrical safety inspection completed today, an industry inspection should include the following:

  • Conditions of powerpoints and meter boxes
  • Installation of circuit breakers & safety switches
  • Condition of Circuit breakers & Surge protectors
  • Condition of Earthing
  • Lighting conditions including switches and LED lights
  • Smoke Alarms, are they operational and dated
  • Condition of visible electrical wiring
  • Condition of exterior lights & fans
  • Condition and age of Hot Water tanks

Electrical safety audit checklist

Unfortunately home electrical safety checks are currently only encouraged, but not enforced, across the Commonwealth States and Territories, NECA believes it’s critical that all new home purchasers are made fully aware of any wiring or electrical safety issues upon the sale and purchase of a property and we cannot agree more. Why put you or your family at risk.

Why choose Captain Cook Electrical to do a Home Safety Inspection?

Captain Cook Electrical can take care of all your Home electrical safety with a complimentary Home safety inspection services and network requirements in your business or at home. Don’t wait until it’s too late! We are also :

  • Local family-owned business: We take pride in the fact we are a local, family-owned business that offers some of the best electrical services around
  • Pride in our brand: Our electricians are easily identifiable by our company uniform and the pride we take in our clean-cut appearance
  • Fully stocked vans: Our fully stocked, well organised yellow and blue branded vans are a trusted symbol of the service we deliver
  • Continual training: We employ the best of the best, making sure our employees receive regular training to stay on top of industry changes
  • Specialisation: We focus on only electrical and we do it very well. With our specialised team, it affords us the opportunity to focus on what matters most, your electrical needs
  • Customer service: We understand the importance of high level customer service with a smile, which is something we provide each and every job we complete.

Your Home safety specialists

If you would like to organise a Home Safety Inspection get in touch with us on 0481 134 679 today or you can complete an online booking form.

We take your home safety seriously.


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