Level 2 Electrician Randwick

Level 2 Electrician Randwick (2031)

Complete Level 2 electrical services in Randwick

Captain Cook Electrical’s level 2 electricians offer a huge range of mains power services across Randwick and Sydney’s Eastern Randwicks including connection and disconnection from service lines, infrastructure repairs and maintenance. We’ve got your residential and commercial level 2 electrical needs covered.

Local Randwick Level 2 Electricians

Level 2 service provider Randwick

An Accredited Service Provider Level 2 (ASP/2) covers contestable work such as the installation, repairs, and maintenance of overhead and underground power service lines between your property and the electricity network. Our level 2 electrical services include:

  • Mains electrical work and repairs near your home or business
  • Disconnection or reconnection from the mains network (Class 2A)
  • Installation, upgrades, connection or energising of an underground service line to connect your premises to the power network (Class 2B)
  • Installation, upgrades, connection, or energising of an overhead service line to connect your premises to the power network (Class 2C)
  • Installation or upgrades to network devices such as off-peak or controlled load devices
  • Installation or upgrades to new electrical meters (Class 2D)
  • New and replacement private power poles
  • Upgrading power systems from single phase to 3 phase
  • Temporary builders power supply requirements
  • Switchboard relocation or upgrade

To comply with the Electricity Supply Act 1995 and the Electricity Supply (General Regulation) 2001 any of the services listed above must be carried out by an accredited level 2 electrical contractor.

Upgrading & maintaining your power systems

Routine power pole and powerline inspections and maintenance are essential to effectively manage your private electricity infrastructure. Our level 2 electricians provide all repairs and maintenance as well as safety inspections for existing premises.

Ausgrid expects property owners, especially those in bushfire-prone areas, to:

  • Have a periodic professional safety check of wiring in your home
  • Carry out an annual inspection of power poles and power lines for defects or damage – paying particular attention to the below-ground area of the poles
  • Enlist an authorised contractor to ensure trees are trimmed to stay 1.5 metres from powerlines*
  • Attend to repairs, damage or defect notices promptly
  • Use qualified level 2 electricians who are Accredited Service Providers for all contestable works on underground and overhead services

*Please note – trimming trees and vegetation around overhead power lines can be very dangerous and must be carried out by a professional tree trimmer licensed and trained to work near powerlines.

Emergency electrician Randwick

Captain Cook Electrical’s emergency electrician is on call 24/7 ready to respond promptly to your urgent electrical problems any time of the day or night.

Got an electrical emergency? Call our team now on 0481 134 679.

Your local level 2 electricians Randwick

The team at Captain Cook Electrical have all your home or business mains electricity services covered across the Eastern Randwicks. Contact our level 2 electricians on 0481 134 679 or complete our quick online electrician booking request today.

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