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Cabling for the NBN

So, you’re moving to the NBN and you’re thinking about cables. Not exactly the most exciting topic to consider, however it is a very important one ...

Ethernet vs Wifi

So, your area is moving to the NBN and all the information around seems super confusing. From internet speeds to cabling to node locations to p...

Making the move to the NBN?

The NBN has been on the scene for awhile now, with almost 75% of Australian residents already being connected to the network. However, if you a...

What is an open cabling licence?

Since 2000 the Open Cabling Licence has been replaced with new industry managed system of Cabling Registrations. Cabling Registrations are broken i...

What is the ACMA?

The ACMA or Australian Communications and Media Authority is the regulator for broadcasting, the internet, radiocommunications, and telecommunicati...


Can I complete data cabling myself?

In short, no. No, you can not complete data cabling yourself... most of the time. As much as a nice DIY data cabling project for your weekend m...




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