What is an ACMA Licence

In a nutshell, ACMA stands for the Australian Communications and Media Authority formerly known as ACA and AUSTEL. The ACMA requires that anyone wishing to install, maintain, or repair cabling must be licenced and registered under the cabling provider rules. You can be prosecuted if caught performing cabling work without a registration.

Requirements for registration

In order to be registered cablers are required to complete modules or training competencies to show they are able to perform cabling work in accordance with the wiring rules. The wiring rules ensure the safety of consumers, cablers, and the network.

ACMA Registrations

There are currently three types of registrations that ACMA has:

  • Open: Cablers with open registration are able to undertake all types of cabling. From simple single-story homes to complex multi-level apartments or office buildings.
  • Restricted: A restricted cabler registration does not allow the cabler to do anything more than a simple socket or network termination devices (eg. an alarm panel or modem).
  • Lift: this type of registration is needed if the cabler is installing or maintaining communication ables in a lift or lift well.

Benefits of a ACMA cabler for the consumer

Under the requirements of ACMA all registered cablers must provide, a telecommunications cabling advice form to the customer at the end of each cabling job. This form is used as an indication that the cabling work is compliant with the current wiring rules. The cabler is required to keep all TCA forms for a minimum of 12 months.


When getting any cabling work done ensure that your cabler is ACMA registered and that they give you a TCA form when they are finished.

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