Can I complete data cabling myself?

Can I complete data cabling myself?

In short, no. No, you can not complete data cabling yourself… most of the time. As much as a nice DIY data cabling project for your weekend might sound, completing data cabling yourself can be very dangerous and illegal, as well as potentially very costly. The Telecommunications Cabling Provider Rules 2014 regulate the cabling industry and the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) are the regulators, and they have a pretty strict and strong stance on who can complete what works. So, what can you complete yourself and what must be completed by a professional? If you have any questions, give Captain Cook Electrical call on 0481 134 679 today!

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What is cabling work?

According to the Telecommunications Act 1997  (section 418 if people are really interested), cabling work is defined as :

  • the installation of customer cabling for connection to a telecommunications network or to a facility; or
  • the connection of customer cabling to a telecommunications network or to a facility; or
  • the maintenance of customer cabling connected to a telecommunications network or to a facility.

In short, any data cabling installation, connection or maintenance that is related to your internet or phone service provider is cabling work/data cabling work.

What data cabling must be completed by a professional?

Any works that are permanent – so, in other words, anything that goes into a wall cavity or through a conduit to another part of your property (for example to your shed) – must be completed by a professional. So any thoughts about DIY projects involving ethernet patch leads or permanent data or telephone cabling should not be followed-up any time, and must be completed by a registered provider.

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Who can complete my data cabling if I can’t?

If the data cabling is permanent in nature, you are required to employ a registered cabler to complete the works – they can not be completed by you! Speak to your local electrician and ask if they are registered data cablers, or give Captain Cook Electrical a call on 0481 134 679 and we can assist.

What data cabling can you do yourself?

If the data cabling isn’t permanent in nature, such as placing pre-made ethernet cabling along your floor or wall, then you generally are free to complete it yourself. Please note however that completing any electrical works, including data cabling, yourself is potentially dangerous and may turn out to be illegal or costly (or both!) if not completed properly. If in doubt, we always recommend speaking to your local data cabler for further assistance and, in general, leave it to the professionals!

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