How does an electric hot water system work?

How does an electric hot water system work?

Ensuring you have hot water to clean the dishes or have a shower after a long day at work is a big thing, and a luxury that many of us take for granted. Just think, your hot water system works every hour of every day or every year… that’s a lot of working hours!

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But, have you stopped to think how your hot water unit actually works? How does it turn cold water into the delicious hot water in your bath tub, or the hot water you need for your dishwasher or washing machine? With these questions in mind, we have put together some information regarding electric hot water systems and how they work (as they are the most common hot water system choice in Australia). If you have any further questions, feel free to call Captain Cook Electrical on 0481 134 679.

How does an electric hot water system work

So, how does an electric hot water system work? Cold water doesn’t magically change to warm whenever your need it – there is a process that it must go through before it is used. That process is dependant on the kind of electric system you have, so we have taken a look at both storage and continuous systems below.

Storage hot water system

Storage hot water systems are just as their name suggests – systems that rely on a tank to store hot water until it is used. There are one or two elements contained with the tank which heat the cold water as it comes into the tank, then keeps it warm until it leaves again to be used. Due to the elements being inside the tank, a flue is not needed (like in a gas system).

A storage hot water unit also has a thermostat, to keep track of the temperature, as well as a pressure release valve should the water pressure get too high in the tank.

Continuous hot water system

In comparison, a continuous hot water system heats water as you need it which means it does not require a storage tank. When you turn the hot water tap on, cold water is sent through a heat exchanger, which heats the relevant amount of water and sends it through the pipes. A lot of continuous flow electric systems need a three phase electricity supply to run however (normal domestic wiring in Australia is single phase).

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Why choose an electric hot water system?

There are so many different hot water system choices available, why choose electric? They are the most common choice among the Australian population, with over 50% choosing electric hot water systems, and they easy to install. Additionally:

  • Low upfront cost, including both purchase and installation.
  • Off-peak models can be run at low cost.
  • No special installation requirements.
  • Supply of hot water is only slightly affected during blackouts.

If you are wondering if an electric hot water system is the best choice for you, speak to your local electric hot water specialist for some more assistance.

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