Signs of faulty electrical wiring in your home

Signs of faulty electrical wiring in your home

The electrical wiring in your home is something we all take for granted… when it is working. If you flick a switch and the lights turn on, or you push start on your washing machine and a cycle begins, you just assume the electrical components to your house are working and continue to go about your day. What happens though when things aren’t quite working like they should? 

Electrical Danger

Faulty wiring in your home can not only be a nuisance, but it can also be very dangerous. Around 20% of household fires are caused by faulty electrical wires in homes around Australia, so it is crucial to know the warning signs when it comes to broken or defective wiring. That is why we thought we put a little information together regarding what to look for when it comes to faulty wiring in your house, and what you should do if these warning signs start popping up. If you have any further questions, or need some assistance with the wiring in your home, give Captain Cook Electrical a call on 0481 134 679 now. 

Warning signs

The signs you need to keep an eye out for around your home when it comes to possible faulty wiring include :

Flickering or dimming lights

If your lights dim or flicker when you turn them on, this can be an indication of a fault in your wiring. Although good wiring can occasionally do this, if your lights are constantly dimming or flickering this may be a wiring problem.

Light Bulb

Buzzing lights

Your light switches and power outlets should be working without a sound, therefore if they are buzzing (or they may be crackling or sizzling), then you should turn off your power and call an electrician immediately.

Sparking or shock

If your sockets are sparking and/or giving you a shock, this is a big sign that all is not good. Give a local electrician a call ASAP as repairs or fixture replacements need to occur as a matter of urgency.

Electrical Shock

Hot outlets

With this warning sign we are not suggesting you go and grab the electrical wiring in your home to see if it’s hot – please do not do that! We are suggesting go and see if any of your power outlets are generating heat without actually touching them. They may also be slightly vibrating, which is another sign to look out for. If any of your power outlets are doing either of these things, this is a pretty big indicator that your home has some faulty wiring.

Circuit breakers keep tripping

Although having a circuit breaker trip occasionally is annoying, it is likely just an overload of your home electrical circuits (and the circuit breaker doing its job!). However, if your circuit breaker is constantly tripping, this can indicate a wiring issue that needs to be addressed.

Light Shock

Charred outlets

If any of your power outlets are sporting charring, this can be an indication that the wiring underneath is releasing heat, which is almost always not a good thing. Get this checked out as soon as possible, as this can be an indication that your home could be at risk of an electrical fire.

Strange burning odour

Finally, if there seems to be a strange burning smell coming from your wiring (similar to the smell of burning plastic), this is a big sign that there is a fault somewhere. See if you can use your nose to find the general location of the smell and call a local electrician as soon as possible, as this can potentially be quite dangerous as the fire damage may have already begun.

What should you do if your wiring are showing these signs?

Call a professional! If there is evidence of your home wiring being faulty, or you feel that your wiring is not performing as it should, call your local electrician as soon as possible. The safety of you, your family and your home are the most important things, so it is super important that you have any issues addressed immediately before further problems arise.

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