What is a Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work?

What is a Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work?

A Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work must be issued to the customer, Fair Trading NSW, and the electricity distributor when safety and compliance testing or an electrical installation is carried out. 

The Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work form must be submitted to the relevant parties within 7 days of work completion. 

As a domestic or commercial customer you should receive a copy of the CCEW form when:

  • any electrical work is carried out.
  • all electrical installations are completed.
  • any alterations or additions to an existing electrical installation that will require additional work to be carried out in relation to the network connection for the installation.
  • any work on a switchboard or associated equipment is done.
  • installation work for a stand-alone power system is done.
  • electricity meter installation, alteration or replacement work is carried out.

What does a Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work mean?

The certificate shows that all electrical work has been carried out, installed, or tested to the relevant industry safety standards, Australia/New Zealand wiring rules, and the NSW Service and Installation Rules.

You should keep the Certificate of Compliance for at least 5 years to show any work was done correctly. It also provides a record of who the tradesperson was and when the work was carried out, this can be helpful in the event of further maintenance, repairs, or warranty work.

The certificate should also include all the details of the job including:

  • the name of the electrician or electrical company
  • the electrician’s license number
  • full details of the work carried out
  • name and address of the customer
  • details of the equipment used
  • testing which was carried out

What happens if you don’t get a CCEW from your electrician?

Heavy penalties apply for tradespeople who don’t provide a certificate of compliance on completion of electrical work. Up to $1000 on the spot fines can be issued to electrical tradies who don’t comply. 

Failure to carry out electrical work to the relevant technical standards can lead to fines of up to $550,000.

References – https://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/trades-and-businesses/construction-and-trade-essentials/electricians/electrical-compliance-requirements

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