What is an open cabling licence?

What is an open cabling licence?

Since 2000 the Open Cabling Licence has been replaced with new industry managed system of Cabling Registrations. Cabling Registrations are broken into 3 main types – Open, Restricted, and Lift. Captain Cook Electrical’s cablers are Open Registered Cablers.

As an Open Registered Cabler, your tradesperson is authorised to carry out any open cabling work. In some cases, your cabler will need to have done additional specialist training to carry out work including:

  • Structured cabling – data cable Cat5, Cat5a, Cat6 etc
  • Optical-fibre cable
  • Co-axial cable
  • Metallic testing
  • Fibre testing
  • Underground cabling
  • Aerial cabling

This level of registration allows the cabler to undertake everything from simple residential cabling work all the way up to more complete structured cabling projects in multi-storey buildings or commercial premises.

An Open Cabler will be able to help with telephone cabling, security cabling, fire alarm cabling, computer and data cabling, and more in your home or business.

Your tradesperson is required under an Open Cabling Registration to perform all cabling work to the Wiring Rule. This set of rules provide minimum standards to ensure the work is carried out correctly and is safe for customers, other cablers, and the wider network.

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