How to Save Money on Electricity

Everybody loves the feeling of saving money. Having that little bit of extra cash flow can make a world of difference in some households. One of the biggest places that are overlooked when saving money is your electricity bills. There are many different ways that you can keep your electricity bill down to a point where it is manageable and even budgetable.


These days appliances are consuming less and less energy and with the market constantly flooded with new products flaunting the latest technology you are spoilt for choice. Brands are competing at price level as they are all using the same technology. You can now get a high energy star rated product for a lot less due to this brand competition. Below we have 3 products that will save you an easy $150.

  • Fridge: Upgrading an old 90’s fridge to a new model will save an easy $150 per annum.
  • Washing Machine: If you don’t have a front loader then get one. These washing machines will save you at least $150 per annum.
  • Television: Dawn of the days of Plasma TVs. A new LED/LCD TV will save you a simple $150 per annum.


Lights are a necessity but how we use them can dramatically decrease your power bill. For instance, if you have dimmable lighting, set them to around 75% to 80%. Not only will they consume less power they will also last longer too. When it comes to outside lights too many people switch them on for friends or family but forget to turn them off. Having solar sensor lights can remove this problem and save on electricity. If you are to do these and use LED lights in the fixtures the savings just keep going.

Water Heaters

These are the single most energy consuming item in your whole house using anywhere between 10kWh to 16kWh per day. A simple way to cut down how much these chew is by having the thermostat temperature turned down to 50°C. In the warmer months, you can adjust this even lower as hot water isn’t needed as much.

Air Conditioning

Not all air conditioners are bad and the newer models are quite good in their power consumption but, any air conditioner will suck the power if it is left on all day and night. During not so hot days where it is bearable or marginally hotter, use a cheap pedestal fan to cool the air. If you must use your air conditioner then you can still save money by following these simple air conditioner tips:

  • Clean filters: By cleaning your filters at least once a month will stop extra backpressure which draws more electricity.
  • Watch temperature: By setting the temperature just 1 degree warmer or colder makes a noticeable difference in consumption.
  • Confining Space: Ensure that all of the doors and windows are closed when running your unit. This will reduce how long it takes the air conditioner to cool the room and ultimately saves power.
  • Clothing: If it is cold outside put a jumper or pants on before the aircon just as if it hot outside ensure you aren’t inside wearing a jumper.


A lot of appliances have a standby feature, this is great as when you need it the appliance wakes up and does what you want. Whilst in standby mode it is still consuming power, this is referred to as vampire power. You would be surprised to know that a good 5% to 10% of your power bill is due to vampire power. A good habit to get into is, if you aren’t using make sure it’s off. Either by the off switch on the product or the off switch at the power outlet. This in itself will save you loads on your power bills.

Best of luck

We hope that these tips will help you in your quest to start saving power and ultimately money on your future power bills.

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