What is Test and Tag

Who needs test and tag services?

Test and tag can be performed in both commercial and domestic settings. Commercially both construction and demolition industries require specific tagging on there equipment and devices. Domestic test and tag services are more appliance and device orientated and can help to determine when a replacement may be needed.

Test and Tag Colours NSW

The tags used in test and tag are colour coded to signify when they were last checked. This helps future test and tag specialists to easily identify which appliances, equipment or devices need to be checked and which have been.

Why have test and tag conducted in my home

Test and tag is one of the easiest and effective ways to minimise fires that are specifically caused by faulty electrical devices and appliances. In your home you have a range of electrical appliances and devices, all of which can be tested and tagged accordingly.

Kitchen Appliances

Some examples of electrical devices are:

  • Kitchen: Fridges, ovens, microwaves, blenders, toasters, cooktops etc.
  • Bathroom / Laundry: Hair dryers, curling irons, clothes dryer, washing machine.
  • Garage: Electric door, drills, saws, soldering irons, bar fridge, chest freezer etc.
  • Lounge:Televisions, gaming consoles, computers, stereos.
  • OtherSwitchboards

Test and Tag for business

If you own a business it is your responsibility to ensure that your workplace is safe for your staff. Ensuring that your entire workplace is safe can be a really difficult task. Ensuring that the electrical equipment is safe on the other hand is rather simple.

Having test and tag conducted in your workplace can help to eliminate any potential electrical hazards well before they are a hazard. When conducting test and tag in a business environment our technicians look out for:

  • Fraying or split wires and cords
  • Non tripping safety switches
  • Faults in existing wiring
  • Moisture damaged equipment
  • Current leakages
  • Earthing faults
  • Resistance in insulation

If you are experiencing one or more of the symptoms above you should contact us today.

Insurance and Test and Tag

One of the many benefits of regular test and tag is that you can be eligable for lower rates due to your business dropping in risk. Some insurance companies will either not cover your business if you don’t have regular test and tag conducted or they will charge you astronomical fees.

When to have test and tag conducted

Depending on your workplace and the OHS plan that you may have in place the intervals listed below may not apply to you. The table below is the minimum requirement of AS/NZS 3760.

AS/NZS3760:2010 Table 4

For more information related to test and tag and how we are able to help you please feel free to give us a call on 1300 911 694. One of our technicians will be able to answer any and all of your test and tag questions.


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