What to do in the storm season

For most Aussies summer time is the best time of the year. From taking holidays from work to kicking back near the pool with a nice coldie in hand. It is also however our worst time of the year for storms. Our summer storms over the years have made international news for both their intensity and their carnage. Don’t wait until its too late, get prepared today.

Prior to the storm

Ensure to keep up to date with the latest weather information, this can not only help you to know exactly when the storm is going to hit but also approximately how much rain and how servere the storm will be.

Ensure that all of your outdoor belongings are either tied down or put away so that they do not become projectiles in the event of strong winds. It is also a good idea to roll towels up and place them below the front and back doors to help prevent any water for making its way inside.

During the storm

When the storm hits you want to ensure that you only have either a lamp or a light on, and turn everything else off at the power point. This is to stop electrical surges from damaging your electrical devices. Now whilst circuit breakers are meant to limit the amount of current flowing through the circuit sometimes power spikes can still damage your appliances.

burnt power point

The reason for keeping only one light on is so that you can tell when the power has been lost. Depending on the serverity of the storm yours and your neighbours homes can lose power due to damage to the powerlines or from spikes tripping the power station. Either way having a light on will give you an indication of when your home has power.

Things to consider

During a storm is a scary time, loads of wind, rain and even hail. In emergency events the SES are on standby to help whenever a serious issue arises. To work out the best time to call them refer to the infographic below.

When to call the SES

After the storm

Always be careful when going outside after a big storm that you check for any fallen power lines. Another issue to be mindful of is if any water has made its way into your home through your roof. Turning the power back on could cause your safety switch to trip resulting in loss of power. Your safety switch will not allow you to reset it until the leak is removed. It is at this time that we recommend that you seek professional help from a fully qualified and licenced electrician.

If after a storm you are still without power you can check the Ausgrid Wesite for power outages in your area. If there is nothing is there and you are still experiencing no power then give us a call on 1300 911 694 and our skilled electricians will be able to diagnose the reason behind your electrical outage and provide you with a solution.


Better Call The Captain